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Mohd. Hanif
12 June 2015

Interaction was good with Dr. Anirban Biswas. Overall experience was very good with him. He is good with nature and behavior.
Kiran Rao Kuchekar
28 May 2015

No doubt, Dr. Anirban Biswas is great doctor. His way of dealing was very easy and good to interact. I got the appointment on time. Fabulous experience, very gentle and professional.
jagdish Arora
20 May 2015

Dr. Anirban Biswas is a good doctor and overall experience was good with him.I would like to recommend the doctor to the other patients as well.
Neeru Jain
12 May 2015

Everything was on said schedule and I am totally satisfied with the treatment received by him.I would like to recommend the doctor to the other patient.
Kishan Chotala
13 March 2015

He is an excellent doctor and i would definitely like to recommend him.
Gayetri Shah deo
13 February 2015

My appointment with the doctor was on time and everything went well.
vinod dogra
14 November 2014

he is a good doctor
20 October 2014

He is a good doctor i would like to recommend the doctor .
Neelkant Saxena
10 June 2014

Doctor was good ,,,,,,,
anil kumar
17 April 2014

too good
Anirudh Sharma
17 February 2014

Interaction with doctor was absolutely fine and appointment was also helpful.
Amita Wahi
02 January 2014

Interaction & treatment with him was pretty fine.
Rajni Agarwal
30 May 2013

Got a very good response...doctor gave me much time as well & the medicines was also effective !!
Roma Singha
06 March 2013

It was fine!!!!!!services are helpful!!!

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